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[[category:Downstream fish migration measures]][[category:Measures]]
[[category:Downstream fish migration measures]][[category:Measures]]
=Useful MTDs=
=Relevant MTDs and test cases=
{{Suitable MTDs for Bypass combined with other solutions}}
{{Suitable MTDs for Bypass combined with other solutions}}

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Relevant MTDs and test cases

Relevant MTDs
3D fish tracking system
3D sensorless, ultrasound fish tracking
Acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP)
Acoustic Doppler velocimetry (ADV)
Acoustic telemetry
Barotrauma detection system
Current meter
Differential pressure sensor base artificial lateral line probe, iRon
Guidelines for fishpasses numerical modelling
Radio frequency identification with passive integrated transponder (PIT tagging)
Radio telemetry
Sediment simulation in intakes with Multiblock option (SSIIM)
Visible implant elastomer
Relevant test cases Applied in test case?
Anundsjö test case Yes
Bannwil test case -
Gotein test case Yes
Guma and Vadocondes test cases -
Las Rives test case Yes
Trois Villes test case Yes

Classification table

Classification Selection
Fish species for the measure All
Does the measure require loss of power production Operational (requires flow release outside turbine)
Recurrence of maintenance Weekly
Which life-stage of fish is measure aimed at -
Movements of migration of fish
Which physical parameter is addressed N/A
Hydropower type the measure is suitable for Plant in dam
Plant with bypass section
Dam height (m) the measure is suitable for All
Section in the regulated system measure is designed for In dam/power plant
River type implemented Steep gradient (up to 0.4 %)
Fairly steep with rocks, boulders (from 0.4 to 0.05 %)
Slow flowing, lowland, sandy (less than 0.05 %)
Level of certainty in effect Moderately certain
Technology readiness level TRL 9: actual system proven in operational environment
Cost of solution See cost table