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Contributing to the wiki

Templates for contributing new articles can be found below. Input is requested in this format so that contributors don't have to familiarize themselves with wiki formatting and to ensure consistency between the formatting of the Wiki articles. Public or access-granted editing will likely be enabled in the future.

Contributions can be sent as word/excel files to Bendik Hansen in the FIThydro project (preferred) at bendik.hansen[at], or to

Note: The formatting of the input is not important. Most of it will disappear in the translation into the Wiki, so the only important thing is to follow the headings and instructions.

Note 2: It is not recommended to grant access to excel sheets or word documents downloaded from the internet. To avoid doing this in most circumstances, you can copy and paste the information in the sheet/document to a clean one you create yourself and fill out the data and submit that one. In general, do not click the "Enable editing" prompt for documents downloaded from potentially unknown sources, as the sheets/documents can contain malicious code.

Solutions, Methods, Tools and Devices

Note: Please read the template thoroughly. Do not forget the image rights and information.

Background and examples



For each new SMTD that is submitted, the underlying tables for how solutions, MTDs and test cases relate to one another must also be filled out. The following excel sheet must be filled out and submitted to the wiki administrator (Bendik Hansen).