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Developing new and existing solutions, methods, tools and devices (SMTDs) to improve the environmental performance of hydropower is central in FIThydro, and they are frequently applied on formal documents from the project. FIThydro's understanding of these terms is:

– these are the overall concept for how to solve or mitigate a problem

– these are typically descriptions in how to do something


- these are methods embedded in for instance a computer program / a model

– these are typically physical instruments or similar used to measure/control something

The project stages of a mitigation project

The first step before implementing a mitigation measure, is to investigate whether there is a reduction or impact on the fish population. If so, what is the pressure and problem that causes harm to the fish population. Further, suitable mitigation measures must be selected, planned, implemented and maintained. Methods, tools and devices (MTD) for each mitigation measure (solution) are described for three stages:

  1. Planning the measure
  2. Implementing the measure
  3. Maintaining and monitoring the measure

The roles of the MTDs might be different in the three stages of a mitigation project, but sometimes they are also similar. Some MTDs are used for several mitigation measures.

MTD stages.png