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This is the full list of potential inputs to the classification tables used for the various mitigation measures

Full list of classification table answers
Classification Selection (multiple)
Fish species for the measure Single or groups of fish species in Europe
Does the measure require loss of power production Operational (requires flow release outside turbine)
Operational (requires flow release through turbine)
Structural (requires no additional flow release)
Recurrence of maintenance Never
Less often than yearly
Irregular at events
Which life-stage of fish is measure aimed at Spawning / Recruitment
Adult fish
Movements and migration of fish
Which physical parameter is addressed Barriers
Flow quantity
Flow variations
Substrate and hyporheic zone
Water temperature
Water velocity
Water depth
Hydropower type the measure is suitable for Plant in dam
Plant with bypass section
Dam height (m) the measure is suitable for Up to 10
Up to 20
Up to 50
Higher than 10
Section in the regulated system measure is designed for In dam/power plant
Upstream of hydropower plant
Bypass section
Downstream outlet
River type implemented Steep gradient (up to 0.4 %)
Fairly steep with rocks, boulders (from 0.4 to 0.05 %)
Slow flowing, lowland, sandy (less than 0.05 %)
Level of certainty in effect Very certain
Moderately certain
Very uncertain
Technology readiness level TRL 1: basic principles observed
TRL 2: technology concept formulated
TRL 3: experimental proof of concept
TRL 4: technology validated in lab
TRL 5: technology validated in relevant environment)
TRL 6: technology demonstrated in relevant environment)
TRL 7: system prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8: system complete and qualified
TRL 9: actual system proven in operational environment