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Baffle fishways Bottom-type intakes (Coanda screen, Lepine water intake, etc) Bypass combined with other solutions Complete or partial migration barrier removal Construction of a 'river-in-the-river' Construction of off-channel habitats Environmental design of embankments and erosion protection Fish guidance structures with narrow bar spacing Fish guidance structures with wide bar spacing Fish lifts, screws, locks, and others Fish-friendly turbines Fish refuge under hydropeaking conditions Fishways for eels and lampreys Migration barrier removal Mitigating rapid, short-term variations in flow (hydro-peaking operations) Nature-like fishways Operational measures (turbine operations, spillway passage) Other types of fine screens Placement of dead wood and debris Placement of spawning gravel in the river Placement of stones in the river Pool-type fishways Removal of weirs Restoration of the riparian zone vegetation Sensory, behavioural barriers (electricity, light, sound, air-water curtains) Skimming walls (fixed or floating) Truck transport Vertical slot fishways Altheim||- Altusried||- Anundsjö||- Bannwil||- Bragado||Yes Freudenau||- Gotein||Yes Guma and Vadocondes||Yes Günz||- Ham||- Las Rives||- Schiffmühle||Yes Trois Villes||Yes
Relevant measures
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