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By creating an account on this wiki you agree to the following terms.

Citing content

Do not plagiarize. Any content that is uploaded (text, images, etc.) must have the appropriate citations. The contributor must take particular care with image rights; the images must either be completely public domain, or contain the necessary reference. The reference is put in the description on the image file itself following the instructions on the "How to edit" page, and this must be done for every uploaded file, regardless of whether or not it is public domain.

Removal of content

The owners of the wiki reserve the right to delete (or change) content and users as it sees fit without warning. This is particularly in regards to advertising or misrepresentation.


Neither the FIThydro project nor the maintainers of the wiki (SINTEF Energy Research) take any responsibility for the content on the wiki. The wiki is not intended as a full guide for choosing and implementing mitigation measures for hydropower. Any implemented measures should involve additional in-depth studies and expert advice.

Images on this wiki might be subject to copyright. Some images are used with permission from the owners, and some are used with free use licences. If you wish to use images from this wiki, follow the sources to find the contact person, or contact the wiki owner if no source is given.