Policy and public acceptance

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Hydropower and policy

Several policies set ecological/environmental requirements on hydropower plants. These include in particular policies that set requirements for environmental impact assessments as well as requirements for the protection of nature and water resources. At the same time, the planning and operation of hydropower plants takes place in the framework of policies that target the production of renewable energy.

On the following pages you will find background information regarding hydropower policies in Europe:

Public acceptance of hydropower and hydropower technologies

How do local residents think about hydroelectric projects in their region? This is usually not the first topic that hydropower planners and operators have on their agenda. Yet, public opinion may affect the realisation of hydropower projects, including the implementation of mitigation measures. Therefore, considering public acceptance issues in the planning process is advisable. As part of the FIThydro research, we explored different perspectives on hydropower among the local populations of four selected case study towns.

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