Vertical slot fishways

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This technology has been enhanced in the FIThydro project! See Innovative technologies from FIThydro for a complete list.

Note: This article will be finished with the submission of deliverable 3.3 and 3.4 in October, 2020


Figure 1: Vertical slot fishway in Chatellerault, France.

Methods, tools, and devices

During planning

During implementation

During operation

Relevant MTDs and test cases

Relevant measures
3D fish tracking system
3D sensorless, ultrasound fish tracking
Acoustic Doppler velocimetry (ADV)
Acoustic telemetry
Current meter
Differential pressure sensor base artificial lateral line probe, iRon
Particle image velocimetry (PIV)
Radio frequency identification with passive integrated transponder (PIT tagging)
Radio telemetry
Relevant test cases Applied in test case?
Anundsjö test case -
Bannwil test case -
Gotein test case -
Guma and Vadocondes test cases -
Ham test case -
Las Rives test case -
Trois Villes test case -

Classification table

Classification Selection
Fish species for the measure 0
Does the measure require loss of power production -
Which life-stage of fish is measure aimed at -
Which physical parameter is addressed -
Hydropower type the measure is suitable for -
Section in the regulated system measure is designed for -
River type implemented -
Cost of solution See cost table

Relevant literature